No one is immune to resistance.  It is always there although you can’t see it but you can feel it.  It is the reason we stay stuck, procrastinate, feel fear and have self-doubt.  This dream killer holds us back from making our dreams a reality.

 What Keeps You Stuck

Resistance is a destructive force that is inside human nature which is negative and its aim is to distract us; keeping us stuck and preventing us from doing what we are meant to do.  The resistance we feel seems to rear its head whenever we consider something new… out of our status quo.  It is self-generated and self-perpetuated.  It is the enemy with in.

Resistance shows up in many ways, such as self-doubt and fear.  One of the worst and most common ways it shows up is as procrastination. The reason procrastination is the worst is because we convince ourselves that we will make that move or do what it is that we would love.

Just not today but tomorrow.

Tomorrow Never Comes

“The most destructive aspect of procrastination is that it can become a habit. Also when we procrastinate on our lives, we are not just putting our dreams off today, we could be putting them off till our last breath.” Patti Livingston

We see this in many women that we work with who are stuck and burned in their career, relationships or just plain life.  Resistance creates self-doubt, fear and procrastination. The women want to be happy again but the resistance steps in and wins. It will tell you any thing to keep you from moving towards your desires.

It uses feelings of self-doubt, fear of failure or promotes procrastinating to keep you from your life’s dreams and goals.

The good news is that when you become aware of resistance and begin to identify the self-doubt, fears and procrastination, you will be also able to fight resistance and steal its power.

Do you know that there has never been a moment, and there never will be, that you don’t have the power to realize your dreams and true destiny?

Take Charge

If you have noticed that you are experiencing some degree of resistance every time you think about what you would love to do or to be, it’s time to put a stop to it.

Take charge of your paralyzing resistance that keeps you stuck. Starve your resistance by not feeding it with fear and by no longer believe its lies.

Make It A Reality

You can manifest your dreams and goals into Reality.  Don’t let resistance’s lies of self-doubt, fear and that habit of procrastination paralyze you from you staring to build the life you are meant to live, today.

Live in joy & happiness