Esoteric Quantum Physics for Transformation

Esoteric Quantum Physics for Transformation at the Core Level


Transcend the Mentality That Creates Your Reality

Christine is passionate about getting her “Secret” Formula out to each and every one of you. She believes that you are the creator of your own reality and that you can change your life by changing your mind.

For the past 40 years Christine’s “Formula” has ONLY been available through her personal live classes and her live seminars. At this time Christine feels compelled to bring “The Formula” forward for the benefit of mankind.

Christine is well versed in optimizing outcomes and determining the point of focus to bring about your desired results. She believes that applying universal laws of Cause and Effect to daily living can and will change your life.

Coaching with Christine will provide you with principles, techniques and strategies to transform your thinking and your life at the core level, past, present and future. Coaching with Christine is an opportunity for you to walk through a soul transformation and a re-creation of cause to re-create effect. In other words, transcend the mentality that creates your reality and create a life free of error programming and limiting paradigms.

Live your ideal as real. The Formula is all inclusive and is applicable to EVERyTHING! It is literally a math formula based on universal laws, presented in word form.

Christine has been teaching Esoteric Quantum Physics of creating your own reality for over 40 years.

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