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Christine Kratavil

Hi I’m Christine Kratavil. I have a passion for solution… Solution at the core level; to live not only a better life, but a life of your dreams. it’s part of who I am. After decades I have seen the positive results of recreating one’s concepts which leads to effective actions (change your mind change your life). Although I call it esoteric quantum physics it’s the practical application that brings change from an internal concept to practical application to living your ideal as real in your daily life.

Activate – Assimilate – Actualize
Health Career Money Relationships

My years of teaching and life coaching have enabled me to distill the process of the Alchemy of Consciousness down to 12 basic steps. These steps are all inclusive and can be applied internally & externally acting as a map and guidance to effective permanent positive change. From zero point to intentions to actions. These steps are designed to work with “Universal Laws” for practical application.

  • Part 1 of the Formula works as a math equation
  • Part 2 of the Formula directs the application of the formula
  • Parts 3 & 4 of the Formula further guide the application of the equation to Career, Money, Relationships and Health.

This “program” is then applied to the specific details of what you are trying to achieve.

The complexity of individual details resistance error programming and personal difficulties are then addressed while mapping out your new matrix in life so you can be the creator of your life and not the victim of it.

From mind to matter, profound changes for positive living occur. When acting from non-fear intentions is embraced, permanent positive results happen affecting loved ones and eventually others.

Your reality matrix can have a positive and profound & global effect.

On a personal note, I was an only child who spent her early years in her room, reading, studying voraciously any and all subjects from Science, Religion, and Psychology; meditating hours per day. I always had a passion to locate connections and creation points, especially as they relate to the human condition.

I began working at 18 in a variety of office jobs where I was able to observe a holistic approach to business with integrity. I established a brokerage business from zero point applying the principles of cause and effect with integrity. I look at it as a chain where the first link was part of the whole so as to establish a strong vehicle where success was inevitable. I thought if you can create a successful business you can create a successful life.

After receiving many awards for my work, I realized that a lot of my time was sent counseling people in my office with wisdom beyond my accumulated knowledge. Thus began my journey 3000 miles across the United States and establishing my passion as my new point of focus. I finally found my team. That I’ve been wishing for and seeking for years. I am now proud to be able to put forth this information as an individual as a team, with such integrity and passion.