Meet Our Team

Patti Livingston, Life Coach

Patti Livingston, Certified Life Mastery Consultant, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Visionary and Co-Founder of Transformational Dynamics for Conscious Living. Patti has over 20 years experience in corporate leadership. She is a dynamic motivator and she uses her skills to bring people together, creates a unified point of focus, and inspires everyone to use their individual talents to produce optimum results. Her passion is helping woman, with a burning desire to live the life of their dreams, succeed by creating a life of design and not one of default. She is also a Certified Advanced Law of Attraction Practitioner and Certified Dream Builder & Transformational Coach. Learn More

Julie Ridenour, Certified Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Artist and Co-Founder of Transformational Dynamics for Conscious Living. Julie specializes in helping people take any idea and bring it into form. She has extensive experience helping others create and achieve profound, sustainable and impactful changes in their lives. Julie’s approach to coaching is energetic, comprehensive and practical. She provides her clients with easy to understand success principles and time-tested techniques and tools that help you achieve any goal. Her enthusiasm and joy for life, combined with her application of actionable principles and tools for transformation, create a formula for success. Learn More

Julie Ridenour, Life Coach
Christine Kratavil

Christine Kratavil, Life Coach, Teacher, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Artist, Quantum Reiki Practitioner and the innovative author of “The Formula: The Alchemy of Consciousness”. Christine’s background is multi-faceted. She founded a premier Cincinnati Discount Brokerage Firm where she served as Corporate Officer, Trustee and Broker. Christine used the principles from her Alchemy of Consciousness program to build that firm, which is still thriving today. Christine has received dozens of awards for her accomplishments. She specializes in the practical application of changing intentions, thoughts, emotions, words, focus and actions, to match and create a daily life that reflects the essence of your true desires. She teaches and assists in creating program tools for optimal results in career, health, relationship and wealth. Her practice of Esoteric Quantum Physics serves as a foundation for dynamic breakthroughs.
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